Field Operation is a PDA based CRM Solution for the Distributor Salesman / Company Van Sales executive. It’s a scalable, flexible system and used by small, medium and large sized FMCG enterprise and powering their geographically distributed field sales force. It allows you to maximize the impact, productivity and efficiency of Retail Field Reps as well as your entire Sales and Marketing Management operation.

A powerful mobile application that enables a “perfect store” strategy, including compliance checks, promotion execution, customer visit planning and in-store surveys from a single mobile device.


  • Informed Store Visits
  • Rep handling multiple principles, large #of SKUs
  • Increased Field Visit Effectiveness through HHD guided Call
  • New Product Launches With Presentations / Videos
  • Up to date information related to pricing, schemes & promotions (with store applicability), available inventory etc.
  • Auto suggested order generation based on stock available for running SKUs
  • System Generated Analytics Based on Store Profile & History  Enables Custom Value Propositions for Individual Visits Based on Micro Analysis
  • System Generated Analysis Provided by Tools Enables Improved Direction by Supervisors to Field Staff and Overall Improved Planning & Forecasting
  • Real Time Monitoring of Field Activities on Digital Map


  • Supervisors / Managers Have Near Real Time Access to drive Key Account Customers,Productivity and thereby improving team performance
  • Dashboards, SMART Reports immediately notify of exceptions/ deviations
  • Human Mind Space not wasted on data consolidation / processing but instead directly working with analyzed information
  • Ability to Visualize & Analyze multi-dimensional dynamic data Provides Managers With Complete Understanding of Ground Situation