While the practice of feedback and opinions has been around in organizations for almost a century its strategic role, methodology, analytics and application is undergoing a sharp evolutionary curve.

We understand the impact and applications of the E360 assessments and feedback. Hence our 360 is designed to connect the individual with their internal and external stakeholders. The reports are designed to empower the employee to obtain perspective for self-development and growth, while the organisation can apply the learning to strategic business and human capital objectives. Our interactions with HR and business experts help us evolve the platform and the metrics for organizational scale, competencies and skills within organizations.

Our solution helps foster a culture of feedback and continuous improvement that leads to a stronger, more engaged workforce aligned to global practices.


  • Typically measures specific behaviours and competencies associated with job performance and success.
  • Provides for a confidential process to obtain feedback from others who work closely with the individual
  • Status Reports
  • Focuses on observed behaviours that can be modified.
  • Comparative Data in Reports
  • Provides clarity about individual strengths and insight about potential areas of improvement and development.
  • Provides graphic, numerical and open-ended information to be used for developmental purposes in the form of a summary feedback report.


  • Increased self-awareness and a focus on personal development
  • Leverages Strengths
  • It reinforces the link between the competencies, behaviours and values required for a job and performance. It supports a performance culture
  • Development of Skills
  • It provides in-depth data, such as comparative data on a departmental basis
  • It generates commitment to development
  • It involves people with different perspectives, in different roles and at different levels
  • It helps identify top performers
  • Means feedback is more likely to be accepted as it is coming from a variety of sources
  • Can improve team working, by raising awareness of how others perceive individuals as a contributor to the group.