Connect and Integrate helps you to see distributor data on the fly among different categories. It showcases distributor’s performance month-to-date basis. Users can get high-level overview of all the KPIs therefore can get “overall position of business. It helps you to drill down to a level where you can analyze which SKUs each Branch has to focus on, in different areas.

C&I collate all distributor end data to highlight in dashboards and shows high level overview of business to lowest level of detail.


  • KPI compliance reports (real time standing for each of the KPIs)
  • Numerical Distribution reports
  • Seller productivity tracker
  • Real time customized reports for different distribution channel
  • Reports can be downloaded in XLS to so you can “play around” with it to create your own version of the reports
  • Customized dashboards for a) roles and b) markets to show only what is relevant


  • Get on overall feeling on the state of your business
  • Get a detailed view on a specific measure (e.g. How many stores did each of my distributor cover yesterday, AND month-to-date/year-to-date)
  • Get the relevant data so you could create your own pivot tables and versions of reports
  • Analyze the data yourself
  • Enables distributors to optimize their coverage