Sales Force Automation

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We understand that not every FMCG Company is same and neither their pain points, however every company needs real time secondary data to address the pain points. Please select your business, and read our brochures to learn more about the value proposition.

SFA - Traditional
SFA suite for Traditional Enterprise - we help you change the way of selling with the times.
SFA - New & Emerging
SFA suite for New and Emerging Business - Track sales, merchandising and promotion execution activities at the store shelf level.
SFA - Large Enterprises
SFA suite for Large Enterprise - SFA to impact the bottom line with increased sales revenue, market share growth, accelerated cash flows and an improved profitability.
SFA - Large Distributors
SFA suite for Large Distributors - Manage your sales operations and cash flows through smart phone based sales force automation.
SFA - Primary Sales Focused
SFA suite for Primary Sales Focused Business - Get online real time secondary sales visibility without disturbing your distributor systems and set up.
SFA - Regional Companies
SFA suite for Regional Business - While expanding business, we enable you to be more dynamic and consumer oriented
SFA - Astix Dairy
End to End SFA suite for Dairy Business.
SFA - Astix Modern Trade
SFA suite for Modern Trade - We help companies to track merchandising and promotion execution activities in modern trade.

Product Brochures

Astix Connect & Integrate
Connect and Integrate – Excellent solution which bridges this gap and Interfaces with any distributor system to bring to you all secondary data and reporting on real-time basis.
Astix SFA Suit
SFA Suite - A complete end-to-end Sales Force Automation solution for FMCS and other distribution led businesses.
DMS - Large Distributors
DMS for Large Distributors - It helps large distributors to shifting gears to new ways of selling by adopting robust systems and technology and to become more professional and organized.
DMS - Companies
DMS for Company Distributors - Astix DMS helps companies’ distributors to optimize their operations including order management, sales, inventory, cash flows, delivery etc.
Field Operations
Field Operations - Field Operation helps you to improves efficiency of your sales team in the field by performance tracking, intelligent insights and integrated reporting.
Geo Tagging & Maps
Geo Tagging and Maps - Geo Tagging and maps is a new age GPS route planning and optimizing field coverage solution.

Case Studies

Glad to share - Learn how Astix Solutions enables a multinational FMCG company to run a PAN India level, Retail Display Contest for its Field Force and retailers and achieves its business objectives with the help of technology.

The Customer

Customer is a large multinational FMCG company, manufactures household cleaning supplies and other consumer chemicals. The company makes and sells household goods and products for home cleaning, home storage, air care, personal care and insect control. In India they have a large Field Force of 1000 people.

Project Goles

  • Driving Distribution - Driving Distribution network via emphasizing on product line.
  • Ensuring Visibility - Enable DSRs to take photos of store display via mobile application thereby ensuring pre –defined visibility norms.
  • Managed in Store Merchandising - Smart Phone based managed in-store merchandising empowers seller to capture display images and selling data.
  • Optimized Coverage - Geo Tagging of retail outlets helps company to have a 360° view of distribution network cluster wise.
  • Reporting & Analytics - Authorized users can view store counts & store details as well as photos submitted by different levels of the hierarchy time & other dimensional data available.


Traditional process was like Field Force visits retail counter and enroll the retailer for any such contest, the sales representative would decorate the display the and record the data (sales order for any particular product which is being focused for the contest, visit reporting etc.) manually and capture the image from his phone. Keeping track on Field Force daily activity was a tedious job. Once the retail shop is enrolled for the contest, there was no mechanism in place to track the product display on daily, weekly or fortnightly at retail counter level also, product sell-in during the contest period was also highly questionable. Decision making process for winner was ambiguous as available data used to be captured manually.

Our Solution

Astix has provided an end to end mobility and web based Solution, which empowers Field Force with smart phone managed store visit and in store merchandising. Mobile application enables Field Force to online enroll a retail store with Geo coding on google map. Field Representative can organize display, capture display images and sell-in data and store stock for smooth execution of operations. Also, he can rate the display images captured by him for creativity for further voting.

People in Sales hierarchy, i.e. TSI, ASM, RSM and HQ has role based access to data to ensure maximum security of data. The process for voting for the photos for the monthly award / overall award is supported as per defined process. Also, at different level users can view the shortlisted images. Additionally, Timely & accurate reports are available at the different levels of management to enable effective & efficient operations & planning.